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Real golf. Real players. Real courses.

Welcome! TEE BOX® is an exclusive members-only social media & networking website designed for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels and their affiliates worldwide. You will be using all of the social media navigational tools you are already familiar with and the Mobile-friendly layout is most superior. TEE BOX® has no annoying advertisements, no privacy intrusions and no mandatory additional downloads are required. Customize your personal Profile and communicate with other members via Private & Public Messaging or by simply using @username in your Wall discussions. You can create or join Groups, make a Friends List and Follow other members. The live News Feed will keep you current on member comments related to golf courses, items for sale, new products & technology, golf tournaments, Country Club functions, tee-offs, etc.  Make new golfing friends or hook up with your current friends, co-workers and family.  Join us by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen or on the link below and invite every golf enthusiast you know to do the same!  

See you in the TEE BOX® !!